Algorithm Design and Validation

Mosaic ATM designs complex, mathematical algorithms at the core of ATM concept alternatives. Our agile approach begins with algorithms appropriate for proof-of-concept activities and iterates to reach deployment-ready, validated algorithms that handle real-world data anomalies and off-nominal situations. We are experts in the development of algorithms that inherently address the uncertainty of input data.

We use the right tools, techniques, and technology to design complex, mathematical algorithms with your organization.

Mosaic also has extensive experience developing and applying advanced analytical techniques across a wide variety of non-aviation business questions and use cases. Because of our depth of talent and expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge capabilities, Mosaic personnel will apply the right tools, techniques, and technology in collaboration with your team. 


Our expertise in algorithm design and development includes:

  • Optimization, including stochastic optimization
  • Mixed integer linear programming
  • Network optimization
  • Various clustering techniques
  • Genetic algorithms
  • Neural networks and deep learning
  • Predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Principal components analysis
  • Random forests, support vector machines, logistical regression
  • Collaborative filtering
  • Scheduling
  • Trajectory prediction
  • Taxi in/out prediction
  • Computational geometry
  • Algorithm parallelization and performance techniques

Aviation Research and Development Capabilities

Advanced Surface Traffic Management – Mosaic ATM successfully completed several rounds of field trials of Collaborative Departure Queue Management (CDQM), part of the FAA’s Surface Trajectory-Based Operations (STBO) project, at Memphis International Airport (MEM).

Probabilistic Weather Integration – Mosaic ATM integrates probabilistic information with the weather and air traffic, plus factoring other relevant information, such as airspace structure, equipage, or pilot behavior, into an airspace capacity analysis used for ATM decision making.

Taxi Out/Taxi In Predictions – We help to accurately predict taxi-out/taxi in times to improve the operationality of the departure and arrival process at an airport, as well as reducing the long taxi-out/taxi in times, congestion, and excessive emission of greenhouse gases.

Dynamic Arrival/Departure Fixtures – Mosaic enables easy and agile situational awareness of fleets and airports.

System-Oriented Runway Management – Mosaic assists airports runway configuration concerning its capacity and ability to effectively manage surface and airborne traffic.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems – Mosaic remotely pilots aircraft systems(RPAS) and drones. 

Auto-Assessment of Airspace Capacity – ??

GPSM – Due to the uncertainty in stratus clearing at SFO, GDPs are implemented that tend to be overly conservative, using a later GDP end time than is necessary. Mosaic ATM conducted the research that led to the development of the SFO GPSM under an NRA contract with NASA Ames.

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Project expertise

Aviation research and development projects include:

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  • Advanced Surface Traffic Management
  • Probabilistic Weather Integration
  • Taxi Out/Taxi In Predictions
  • Dynamic Arrival/Departure Fixtures
  • System-Oriented Runway Management
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • ATD-2
  • Navy SBIR

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