Custom Aviation Data Analysis

Effective operational decisions require intelligently combining data from multiple sources and making it available in intuitive, simple interfaces. Mosaic’s expertise in transforming aviation data into insights is unmatched. Our systems ingest myriad data sources daily and apply sophisticated, time-proven algorithms to clean and merge the data into complete information about each flight and each airspace resource. We apply Machine Learning and other modern techniques to the fused data to build services that answer critical questions and deliver this intelligence to customers through intuitive, dependable tools.

SWIM and Other Public Data

Mosaic currently receives and warehouses SWIM, weather, and other aviation data and applies it in both real-time applications and historical analyses.

Integrating Proprietary Data

While data standardization is terrific, many organizations still have many legacy data systems. Mosaic is experienced at efficiently building custom interfaces to receive or distribute data elements from/to proprietary systems.  We can securely integrate third-party and proprietary business data with publicly available aviation data.


Data dictionaries are great but rarely describe phenomena in the data sources that affect how the data can be used. Through decades of experience working with aviation data, Mosaic understands the nuances of each data element.


The best data delivery architecture depends on delivering either a cloud service that provides data access via API or delivering and supporting software that runs on company-owned computing resources, based on your IT roadmap. There are many tradeoffs, such as the cost and responsibility for maintenance and the cost and accessibility of storing historical data, which Mosaic is happy to discuss.


Mosaic understands the tradeoffs between customer-hosted and cloud-hosted data architectures and can advise around those decisions. We have deep experience designing cloud computing resources to minimize costs.  We know how to architect databases optimized for various applications.

Data Fusion

Mosaic has pioneered parsing, cleaning, fusing, storing, making accessible, and democratizing aviation data.  The Mosaic Fuser was revolutionary when introduced and is continually supported and extended to remain state-of-the-art. The Fuser merges data from multiple sources, providing a coherent record for each flight.

Curated Data

Users need curated information focused on supporting particular tasks with a minimal learning curve, not overwhelming, multifunction data dashboards. Mosaic works with customers to identify how information can provide benefits and design-focused solutions.

Decision Support Tools

Mosaic combines curated data with algorithms, which may be based on optimization, machine learning, expert rules, or other approaches, to form decision support tools that aid operational decisions, are compatible with FAA procedures, and deliver benefits.


Transparent to our customers, Mosaic updates our parsers and Fuser as data streams change. We support our products and services and offer ad hoc consulting. Contact us to discuss what parts of the aviation data pipeline Mosaic can provide to accelerate your SWIM application deployment.