Similarity Learning for Image Geolocation

We decided to approach this problem as a similarity learning modeling effort. We used convolutional neural networks to train a model that takes an image or video as input and outputs a vector representation of the input, such that similar inputs will be close to each other in the vector space. The vector learning is driven by a triplet loss function.

Moving Fast & Deploying Predictive Analytics

Working in conjunction with subject matter experts, data scientists can swiftly apply statistical tools and uncover emerging trends. This is extremely valuable for companies trying to operate in a disruption. Not only will executives have an accurate representation of their present situation, but new products & services can be devised from these insights.

Aircraft Performance Model IoT Data Mining

We have needed to be able to predict how long a flight will take to fly its trajectory. Quite often, it has been adequate and possible to use the outputs of one of our predictive analysis tools for this purpose. It predicts both the arrival time (ETA) as well as some intermediate times that we have used in a variety of other places.