Machine Learning Aviation Solutions

Mosaic has an entire Data Science business unit that delivers AI and Machine Learning (ML)-based solutions to commercial clients across diverse industries.  We also apply these mathematical and computer science techniques and experience to efficiently solve complex aviation challenges; they are additional tools in our toolbelt. Most importantly, we know how to determine when AI/ML will be a useful approach and when it is unlikely to effectively solve a problem, for example, due to limitations in the available data or requiring high maintenance costs to frequently retrain the ML models.

The state of the art in AI is maturing rapidly, with new tools making implementation quicker and improving model performance.  For example, Mosaic is currently working with NASA on taxi time predictions that outperform what was possible just a few years ago.  The scale of AI projects that Mosaic does through Mosaic Data Science ensures we remain on the cutting edge of what is possible.

Case Study

Mosaic is developing an ML prediction model for when the marine stratus at SFO airport will dissipate allowing resumption of visual arrival operations.  This model is necessary input to GPSM (GDP Parameter Selection Model) decision support tool that Mosaic built to improve the performance of GDPs at SFO, since the old marine stratus forecast product had not been maintained.

Operational Machine Learning Aviation Solutions

Machine Learning Airline Services Airport View Dashboard with predictions