Machine Learning Aviation Solutions

If you have flown before from a busy airport, it’s highly likely that you experienced a surface delay. Everyone is on board, the aircraft has even left the departure gate, and yet it’s taking quite a bit of time to even take off. This delay can be attributed to any number of factors and likely can be improved using machine learning techniques to tease out accurate predictions, and a ranked list of factors leading to the delay.

Taking this example out further, machine learning & artificial intelligence, offering passenger & non-passenger airline operators a tremendous opportunity to save time and money. Machine learning insights can optimize airport and in-the-air movement and reduce costly delays, resulting in serious fuel costs, CO2 emission reductions, and better customer experiences.

Seems like a no brainer that passenger and cargo airlines should take advantage of this technology. Yet Mosaic finds that few are doing this properly.

Mosaic leverages over 15 years of aviation analytics and data science expertise to develop and deploy custom solutions that drive operational efficiency and change the way decisions are made.

Whether your operation is looking for additional bandwidth to prototype a cutting-edge algorithm or want to know what “big data” means and if it applies to you, we have got you covered. Our world-class team of aviation analytics professionals will work with your business, starting wherever you are now. From quick proof-of-concept (POC) sprints to enterprise-scale AI deployments, we are flexible and focused on efficient value delivery. We can also “teach your team to fish” with targeted training workshops and strategic consulting.

Our team will generate creative solutions that combine industry best practices with innovative ideas with backgrounds in diverse fields such as operations research, social and life sciences, physics, math, and engineering. We will make sure your stakeholders understand what we are building and why they have the confidence to rely on the ML tools we help you create.

Operational Machine Learning Aviation Solutions

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