Custom Aviation Software Development

Mosaic employs a large technical staff that combines current skills in software engineering and data science with a detailed understanding of NAS operations, systems, and data. Collectively, Mosaic brings substantial experience working with the FAA, NASA, and NAS users to both build practical, immediately applicable solutions and invent future air traffic management capabilities to realize NextGen and beyond. Customers who work with Mosaic benefit from all of the knowledge and capabilities we develop through our research activities.

Mosaic happily engages with customers both to deliver defined projects and provide technical services through ad hoc consulting. We have engagements with both a guaranteed level of effort per month and on an “as requested” basis, the difference being how quickly we can promise responses.

Mosaic stands apart in our ability to be flexible. We do not try to squeeze customers into an existing product but rather listen to the customer’s problems and situations and propose effective systems and support. We happily structure engagements to explore potential benefits without requiring long-term commitments. Mosaic’s flexibility also enables us to adjust the scope of our offering based on the customer’s expected benefits, offering low-cost solutions to address needs with less monetary benefit and providing more features when benefits justify those customer requirements.

While some aspects of aviation change slowly, change is constant (e.g., the NASR 28-day update cycle). Mosaic designs our work to remain functional, useful, and supportable. As FAA capabilities evolve (e.g., CTOP), technologies evolve (e.g., Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning), and business priorities shift (e.g., sustainability), Mosaic will work to expand, upgrade, and re-work capabilities to remain relevant and leverage the newest NAS data and procedures. 

Dependability and Support

While Mosaic conducts and collaborates on substantial research, we also have a long history of supporting durable products. Mosaic developed the Surface Management System to support airport surface operations and we have supported it for over 15 years. Our Mosaic Situation Viewer service is reliably used by multiple airlines 24x7x365, as is our public Airport Viewer website. We know how to build and support dependable software.

Mosaic helps airlines leverage evolving FAA data, technologies, procedures, and traffic flow strategies, and NASA’s latest research, to support operational applications, including Trajectory Operations Sets (TOS), Collaborative Trajectory Options Program (CTOP), and mitigate weather impacts.

Advantages of Mosaic’s Custom Aviation Software Development

Aviation operations experience allows us to expeditiously understand your needs and work with you to specify the right requirements and design the right solution

Custom software and data solutions that precisely meet customers’ needs, schedules, and budgets.

Leverage our vast libraries to efficiently integrate aviation and weather data

Host and maintain solutions in the Cloud

Mosaic mitigates IT security vulnerabilities as they are identified

Experienced handling data security

APIs to integrate outputs into customer’s existing technology

Customized dashboards and task-specific user interfaces to minimize user learning curve

Long-term support

Upgrades and extensions as needs, technologies, and aviation procedures evolve.

User’s guides and training materials