Air Transportation Sectors Support

Mosaic ATM’s scientists, engineers, and subject matter experts – many recognized leaders – combine operational knowledge of the National Airspace System with cutting-edge skills in computer science, operations research, systems engineering, human factors, and program management. Our staff’s experience extends from identifying innovative concepts through deploying and supporting operational systems and spans the breadth of air traffic management, aircraft operations, UAS development, mission success, and National Airspace System integration.

Mosaic ATM has extensive experience in all phases of the research-to-sustainment spectrum, with a track record of impartially supporting the FAA procurement process.

Mosaic ATM modernizes the National Airspace System, enables new classes of airspace users, and improves the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of air transportation through research and development encompassing data science, algorithm design, prototype development, simulation, and operational field tests.

Mosaic ATM supports military customers in developing cutting-edge solutions using artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning and many other techniques.

Mosaic’s research on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) includes simulation studies, technology architecture trade studies, experimental UAS operations, program support in developing the FAA’s UAS Implementation Plan, and UAS demand forecasting.

At Mosaic ATM, we work with our customers to develop and deliver the next generation of technologies and procedures for both current and future Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Traffic Management systems.

Mosaic invents and applies emerging technologies to deliver unique and cost-effective products and services that solve commercial aviation industry needs.