Risk Analysis and Mitigation

Mosaic ATM understands the importance of risk analysis and mitigation and develops solutions that address these issues. Mosaic ATM engineers begin the risk analysis process during the concept development phase and continue the process through system development and life operations. At each phase, the risk analysis process involves identifying and classifying potential risks and developing mitigation strategies that are commensurate with the likelihood and severity of each risk. Risk analysis also involves reassessing previously identified risks to ensure that they continue to be properly characterized and effectively mitigated.

Mosaic ATM applies these principles across our portfolio, including the sample projects listed below.


Paired Approach Demonstration:

Risk mitigation was crucial in preparing for the successful live tests of the Paired Approach procedure, which increases capacity during instrument meteorological conditions (IMC), at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Tucson International Airport (TUS) in February 2019. Mosaic prepared and facilitated approval of the prototype ATC approach procedures and analyzed safety via the appropriate safety risk management processes and documents.

Separation Automation System Engineering (SASE):

Mosaic is leading systems engineering work to define enhancements to ERAM targeted for deployment in the 2030 timeframe. Risk assessment is integral to our current work on the ERAM Enhancements 3 (EE3) package. According to NATCA , The SASE program was established as a pre-implementation program to mature emerging NextGen Separation Management automation enhancements to support planned NextGen operational improvements and emerging TBO concepts.