Fuser in the Cloud (Aviation Data Fuser)

Organizations are struggling to take advantage of aviation data, as they try connecting, consuming, cleaning, parsing, and translating aviation data feeds into information that can be used to inform data-driven, operational decisions.  The Mosaic Fuser is a framework that connects to multiple data feeds, consumes the data, cleans and parses it, mediates between disparate sources of data, merges SWIM and other data feeds into coherent, current records for each flight.  The Fuser processes and makes the data available (as a fused stream and in a database) in very near real time – within seconds.  The Fuser’s pluggable, flexible architecture allows Mosaic to create custom instances that work with additional data sources specific to a customer’s needs, such as proprietary business data.

Mosaic’s industry-acknowledged, highly recognized Fuser as a Service is integrated into many of Mosaic’s products and is a foundational element of several research prototypes, such as NASA’s Integrated Arrival, Departure, and Surface (IADS) traffic management system, deployed as part of the NASA ATD-2 (Airspace Technology Demonstration 2) project, and NASA’s Digital Information Platform (DIP) project.  Built and tested over many years, the Fuser, along with its Globally Unique Flight Identifier (GUFI) service, has been repeatedly proven in both research prototypes (e.g., NASA’s ATD-2 and DIP projects) and commercial services.

Mosaic offers the Fuser as a standalone service, hosting it in AWS and providing data real-time in a common, well-defined data model.  Contact us today to discuss how a Fuser subscription can simplify your SWIM application deployment.

Mosaic’s TMI Service is the equivalent of the Fuser for managing Traffic Management Initiative (TMI) data, providing a point of access to the current state of TMIs in the NAS and a database for deeper analysis.

Key Features of the Mosaic Fuser include:

Ingests and aggregates real-time SWIM data

Provides users a single access point to aviation data from multiple sources

Organizes the data by flight so users can access all available information for a single flight using a single connection and through a single format

Streams real-time and provides database access

Hosting the Fuser-in-the-Cloud in the AWS environment provides Mosaic flexibility for support and provisioning of access to outside users, while maintaining security and availability

Mosaic handles maintenance as data feeds evolve

Scalable to match data needs