Fuser in the Cloud (Aviation Data Fuser)

Organizations are struggling to keep up with data as they try connecting, consuming, cleaning, parsing, and translating aviation data feeds into information that can be used to inform data-driven, operational decisions. To catch up with this runaway data and translate it into usable information, a framework was needed that could connect to multiple data feeds, mediate between disparate sources of data, make sense of the data, and provide the right data, at the right time.

Mosaic’s industry-acknowledged, highly recognized Fuser as a Service solved this problem. Mosaic’s Aviation Data Fuser is integrated into all of Mosaic’s Aviation Products and is a foundational element of the Integrated Arrival, Departure, and Surface (IADS) traffic management system, deployed under the highly regarded NASA ATD-2 (Airspace Technology Demonstration 2) project. Although it underpins Mosaic Products, the Fuser is available as a standalone service. Mosaic hosts the Fuser in AWS, and data is provided real-time in a common, well-defined data model. Contact us today to get more details on the Fuser and learn how a subscription to it can help to solve your specific use case.

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Features of the aviation data fuser include:

  • Ingest and aggregate real-time SWIM data
  • Provide users a single access point to aviation data from multiple sources
  • Organize the data generated by flight so users can access all available data for a single flight using a single connection, in a single format
  • Hosting the Fuser-in-the-Cloud in the AWS environment provides Mosaic flexibility for support and provisioning of access to outside users, while maintaining security and availability