Aviation Weather Insights and Integration

Seventy percent of aviation delay in the United States is attributed to weather. Needless to say knowing where, how, and when weather affects your organization is critical to running safe and efficient operations. 

Mosaic ATM provides cutting-edge machine learning and data science necessary for aviation weather insights and integration. Mosaic has a deep understanding of weather impacts on aviation operations and provides this as a service. At the heart of Mosaic’s weather services is a robust historical archive of weather actual and forecast data used to understand historical trends and/or analyze historical weather impacts on operations. Mosaic’s Thundercloud application reads and translates weather data for various needs, including executing airspace capacity estimation models and control visualization of weather data and capacity estimations.

aviation weather insights overlay

Mosaic has have proven experience helping our customers with weather-related algorithms, analysis, and tool development that drives decision-making, including these examples:

  • Analyzing actual and forecasted thunderstorm impacts on arrival flows into an airport to
    support arrival flow management
  • Translating real-time weather forecasts for airports to provide support on arrival rate decision-making.
  • Leveraging thunderstorm forecasts to determine sector capacity
  • Evaluating personal weather station data and high-frequency observation data to support airport runway configuration decisions

Features of aviation weather insights include:

  • Long-range forecasts benefit operators with increased routing accuracy
  • Accurate forecasts help fine-tune overflight permits
  • Shorten flight routing, avoid areas of turbulence, and limit exposure to adverse weather
  • Provide operator visual reference of en-route conditions
  • Plan for and respond to disruptive weather events to balance operational safety and efficiency, and to ensure continuity.