Human In-The-Loop Simulation

Mosaic ATM is experienced in all aspects of Human-In-The-Loop simulations, from developing the simulation infrastructure and test scenarios, planning and conducting the experiments with Subject Matter Experts, and analyzing the results. Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) simulations have proven to be an excellent approach to quantify and analyze system functionality along with human decision-making. HITL simulations typically require coordination across multiple organizations and integration of various automation systems; Mosaic ATM has both led and been a team member of such projects. Mosaic ATM has experience creating user stories that allow HITL participants to interact with a prototype system or procedure within realistic operational situations. Through these user stories, new concepts, processes, and tools are tested, which help identify issues and uncover additional requirements needed that otherwise would not be readily apparent. Depending on the complexity of the new concept or process being tested, a multi-phase HITL plan is used to incrementally develop requirements to ensure the design meets all stakeholder needs.

Mosaic has been integrally involved in HITLs in support of NASA’s Airspace Technology Demonstration 2 (ATD-2) project. For example, a HITL was conducted in 2017 at the NASA Future Flight Central and Airspace Operations Lab, a test environment equipped with a full-scale Air Traffic Control Tower capable of high-fidelity airport operation simulations, to evaluate the performance of the tactical scheduler, identify human factors concerns, and set parameters before the field evaluation. This HITL involved active airline ramp controllers and other ramp personnel, traffic management coordinators from ATC and TRACON, and Atlanta and Washington Center personnel.

human in the loop simulation airplane simulation line graph

Mosaic also has experience creating high-fidelity human-in-the-loop emulation testbeds. The ATM-X Testbed is an air traffic simulation environment used for high-fidelity, real-time, human-in-the-loop, and automation-in-the-loop simulations of current and proposed future air traffic concepts for NextGen. Mosaic has actively supported NASA in the design and development of this integrated laboratory to accelerate NextGen concepts and technology by standardizing infrastructure and interfaces to allow for the integration of simulation assets, and by automating critical processes such as simulation setup, execution, and archival. Mosaic also developed the COMprehensive Environment for Traffic manager Training by Simulation (COMETTS) simulation test-bed for advanced training of Traffic Management Specialists; COMETTS includes representation of many National Airspace System systems, including TBFM, ERAM, TFMS, NTML, STARS, and the Aviation Weather Center Terminal Area Forecast Board.