Prototype System Development

Mosaic ATM builds and deploys prototypes to efficiently explore and demonstrate new concepts and technologies. Prototypes range from simple representations of new technologies, for early concept exploration, to durable implementations integrated within instances of existing National Airspace System systems, suitable for extended operational use and re-use in deployed capabilities. Mosaic ATM possesses expertise in developing software that operates in the National Airspace System and integrating National Airspace System data into other external systems. It would be difficult to find an organization with deeper knowledge and experience with National Airspace System data than Mosaic ATM.

Mosaic is comfortable in all aspects of aviation prototype system development.

Many of our projects involve developing aviation prototype system development either to explore early technology questions or to support requirements validation and technology transfer to deploying organizations or contractors. Mosaic’s National Airspace System Common Reference (NCR) prototype has been installed at the Florida NextGen Test Bed for testing and demonstrating NextGen concepts and capabilities, such as global data exchange standards and UAS Traffic Management (UTM) concepts. In July 2020, this NCR prototype was used to demonstrate the Flight and Flow for Integrated Collaborative Environment (FF-ICE) concept, providing real-time constraint data relevant to flight trajectories, both pre-departure and en route. The Surface Decision Support System (SDSS) prototype has been used continuously by two major air freight clients for over 15 years to study a series of research questions related to departure metering, airport configuration management, and surface conformance monitoring.

aviation prototype system development woman working on computer screen

Mosaic demonstrates expertise and experience in developing and fielding prototypes.

sdss aviation prototype system development


The capabilities of SDSS include the display of flight information and surface and terminal area aircraft positions to Air Traffic Controllers and Traffic Managers, Flight Operators, Airport Authorities, and other specialists at the operational facilities of aviation organizations involved in the airport surface operation.

gpsm aviation prototype system development


Due to the uncertainty in stratus clearing at SFO, GDPs are implemented that tend to be overly conservative, using a later GDP end time than is necessary. The research that led to the development of the SFO GPSM was conducted by Mosaic ATM under an NRA contract with NASA Ames.

ncr aviation prototype system development

National Airspace System Common Reference (NCR)

NCR is a common, reusable service that leverages industry standards to ensure SWIM users can receive data from many SWIM producers in a consistently correlated manner. Users of enterprise SWIM data will have the ability to interface with a single SWIM service to access real-time, correlated data.