Mosaic Brands

Software Development

Innovation to Application

Professional software should be available and affordable to all businesses. Mosaic provides software engineering expertise to demonstrate and deploy novel solutions to complex problems. Our focus is on making our clients’ inventive ideas a reality through effective collaboration.

Data Science

Machine Learning and AI Expertise

Mosaic is a leading data science consulting company focused on helping organizations build and deploy actionable analytics solutions. Our customers are as varied as the techniques we use – some just starting their first predictive analytics project, others with deep in-house machine learning expertise.

Drone Services

Accelerating your drone data

Aerial Vantage was founded to combine our leaders’ decades of manned and unmanned aviation experience with our advanced expertise in AI, ML, and computer vision to help customers tackle drone operations challenges with robust technology solutions.

Aviation Product

Mosaic had developed a powerful airport viewer, providing real-time information on 37 of North America’s busiest airports!