Corporate Recognition


2014 CIO Review Big Data 100 Award Big Data Logo-01Recognized by CIO Review for being “at the forefront of optimally tackling the real explosion in big data volumes, variety and complexity.”     2013 ATCA Charles E. Varnell Memorial Award atca_awardsNominated by Boeing for

tireless contribution to NextGen issues and your partnership with all major stakeholders to advance key NextGen technologies.  Specifically, your engagement in the Ground Delay Program Parameters Selection Model in Operational Evaluation, Precision Departure Release Capability (PDRC) Operational Evaluation, and Collaborative Departure Queue Management reflect your impressive engagement in NextGen modernization.  To be the lead on three difference major field evaluations puts Mosaic ATM at the forefront of companies contributing to NextGen success—regardless of size—and this award recognizes this impressive achievement.


Federal regulations prohibit reproducing online our federal Contractor Performance Assessment Reports (CPARs).  Our reviews have been extremely positive:  92% of our federal customers say they would “definitely” award us another contract:


Likewise, 95% rate various aspects of our work “exceptional” or “very good”: mosaic-rec-graph1 Please email to request a summary of our CPARs.

Employee Recognition


U.S. Patent US20160191450 A1 “Recommendations Engine in a Layered Social Media Webpage” Status:  Application Publication:  June 30, 2016 Inventor(s):  Chris Brinton, Steve Atkins, Jeremy Lindsey U.S. Patent US20100100257 A1 “Visual Airport Surface and Terminal Area Data System”

Status:  Application Publication:  April 22, 2010 Inventor(s):  Chris Provan

U.S. Patent US20160342903 A1 “Systems and/or Methods for Dynamic Anomaly Detection in Machine Sensor Data” Status:  Application Publication:  November 24, 2016 Inventor(s):  James Michael Shumpert U.S. Patent US20030120614 A1 “Automated E-Commerce Authentication Method and System”

Status:  Application Publication:  June 26, 2003 Inventor(s): James Michael Shumpert

U.S. Patent US6937853 B2 “Motion Dispatch System”

Status:  Grant Publication:  August 30, 2005 Inventor(s):  William D. Hall

U.S. Patent US20130265187 A1 “System and Method for Ensuring ADS-B Integrity of Departing Aircraft”

Status:  Application Publication:  October 10, 2013 Inventor(s):  William D. Hall

U.S. Patent US20040088394 A1 “Online Wizard Entry Point Management Computer System and Method”

Status:  Application Publication:  May 6, 2004 Inventor(s):  Matthew Brinton

Awards for Papers and Publications

Honorable Mention, 2011 INFORMS Aviation Applications Section Dissertation Competition, 2011, Andrew Churchill Best Paper, Finance & Policy track, 9th USA/Europe Air Traffic Management R&D Seminar, 2011, Andrew Churchill Best Ph.D. Thesis Award, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland, 2010, Andrew Churchill Best Paper of Conference Award, Technology, Integration, and Operations Forum, AIAA 2003-6808, 2003, Ken Leiden (with P. Kopardekar and S. Green). Best Paper in [Weather] Track, 2013 ATM Seminar, Lara Shisler and Chris Provan Best Paper (one of five chosen for publication in ATC Quarterly), 2009 ATM Seminar, Lara Shisler]]>