At a recent ATM Seminar, Mosaic ATM employees Lara Shisler and Chris Provan received the Best Paper award in the “Weather in ATM” category for a paper entitled “An Operational Evaluation of the Ground Delay Program Parameters Selection Model (GPSM).”  The paper was further downselected as one of the five best papers at the conference and is scheduled to be published in the ATC Quarterly. The abstract of the paper follows:Results of an evaluation of an Air Traffic Management (ATM)-Weather integrated tool, the Ground Delay Program (GDP) Parameters Selection Model (GPSM), are presented. This paper discusses the vision for ATM-Weather integration, provides an overview of the GPSM model, describes the shadow and operational evaluations conducted, including lessons learned, and presents the benefits derived by the use of the model. The shadow evaluation showed that ground delays issued during the initial GDP could have been reduced by 20% had GPSM’s recommendations been used operationally. Despite challenges of unexpected weather patterns, weather sensor outages, and slow user acceptance, analytical results of the operational evaluation showed benefits of using GPSM in operational decision-making. On days where GPSM recommendations were closely followed, ground delays were reduced on average by 20%, consistent with expectations set during the shadow evaluation. The gap between planned and observed arrival rates fell by 29% relative to the preceding three years.