Mosaic ATM, an innovator in advanced concepts and technology solutions that improve the capacity, efficiency, and safety of aviation operations, was awarded the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) Charles E. Varnell Memorial Award for Small Business at the ATCA 58th annual conference that occurred this week.The award recognizes Mosaic ATM’s innovation by stating “…Mosaic’s tireless contribution to NextGen issues and your partnership with all major stakeholders to advance key NextGen technologies. Specifically, your engagement in the Ground Delay Program Parameters Selection Model in Operational Evaluation, Precision Departure Release Capability (PDRC) Operational Evaluation, and Collaborative Departure Queue Management reflect your impressive engagement in NextGen modernization. To be the lead on three different major field evaluations puts Mosaic ATM at the forefront of companies contributing to NextGen success – regardless of size, and this award recognizes this impressive achievement.”  Mr. Chris Brinton, President and CEO of Mosaic ATM, says “We are honored to be selected for ATCA’s 2013 Charles E. Varnell Memorial Award for Small Business, and we recognize the trust that has been placed in us by our many customers and partners. We especially appreciate the opportunities to support the FAA, NASA and the DOT in important research and concept validation efforts to advance NextGen.”Mosaic ATM is dedicated to solving the critical issues that need to be addressed to transform research concepts into successful operational improvements. Our support of NextGen modernization spans all flight domains and provides all services of the Research and Mission Analysis phase of the FAA’s lifecycle process.