The proposed system, composed of components that have been developed for other Air Force, Navy, and NASA projects. The proposed system is called the Artificial Intelligence System for Human Health Support, or AIS-HHS.

Mosaic Space and Aptima are on a defense contract with the Air Force to conduct R&D Technical Feasibility and adapt our innovation to the defense needs. Our innovation focuses on improving human performance under various stressors.

The Artificial Intelligence System for Human Health Support (AIS-HHS) is designed to observe human behavior through facial mood recognition, vocal tonality, mission performance, biosensors, and more.

The objective of the innovation is to identify conflict before it hinders the performance of individuals in teams that operate under isolated, confined, and extreme environments (ICE). Once early symptoms of conflict are identified, customer-specific countermeasures can be autonomously applied to help mitigate the risks associated with team conflict.

This technology may aid with future adaptive training through machine learning techniques and is especially applicable to any ICE environment such as space, submarine, polar winter, deep diving, special operations forces missions, etc.

In Phase I, we are seeking an Air Force or Space Force sponsor to provide an endorsement for the project to AFWERX. The sponsor will be able to collaborate on and benefit from the Phase II effort but is not required to provide the funding.