Mosaic is thrilled to announce the selection of a Phase 1 NASA SBIR, The Exchange Model for Harmonizing Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) Products and Tools.

This NASA SBIR will develop a Digital Engineering Information Exchange Model (DEIXM) based on open-source standards including SysML, UML, and ISO’s STEP – standards for the exchange of product model data – a group of standards along with a DEIXM Model Viewer (DMV) that provides a centralized location to view digital model artifacts in a common format.

Ultimately, the DMV along with the DEIXM will demonstrate the integration of digital models developed in different MBSE tools that maintains model integrity with minimal need to manually edit the digital models. Implementing a DEIXM is envisioned to reduce the amount of effort required to integrate digital models between the government and contractors, as well as between contractors. The DEIXM created in this effort will focus on establishing a standard that supports NASA missions.

It will leverage previous efforts to use MBSE to support space mission design from the NASA MBSE Pathfinder work done across NASA as well as lessons learned from the DEIXM Working Group (WG) established by the OMG.