We are pleased to announce that Mosaic has been awarded a project at the Florida NextGen Testbed (FTB) supporting Common Support Services – Flight Data (CSS-FD). CSS-FD is a service available to the broad aviation enterprise for flight planning, flight plan filing, and for the exchange of real-time, dynamic, flight information.

This project will provide a single interface to the NAS to accept and validate flight planning information and file flight plans. It will also create NAS flight restrictions as feedback to airspace users with respect to planned flights, allowing them to improve and optimize flight trajectories before departure.

The basis of this project will be a limited-implementation, pseudo-prototype architecture created via a rapid development and deployment approach. It will be fielded as a formal demonstration system across multiple government lab environments—including the FAA Daytona FTB and the NextGen Innovation Lab at the Volpe Center. Mosaic is also working on a second project, which aims at fulfilling the Flight Planning and Filing Service at the Volpe Center.