Mosaic ATM is pleased to announce we have been awarded our first task order (TO) through the FAA’s Systems Engineering and Technical Innovative Solutions (SETIS) contract vehicle. Our team will assist the FAA in pursuing an automation evolution strategy that includes a proposed service-based architecture and encompasses Air Traffic Control (ATC) separation management. 

As part of the TORFP 2203 proposal, Mosaic’s focus will be on identifying particular system functions (e.g., surveillance data processing, flight data processing, and conflict probe data processing) that provide the most value to transition to a service-based architecture. The project scope includes performing research and concept engineering activities that enhance National Air Space (NAS) automations and support planned NextGen operations. These enhancements will be developed by evaluating operational needs and concepts, developing requirements documents, testing, and prototyping. 

SETIS is the follow-on vehicle to the SE2020 and SE2025 contracts, which provides a broad range of research, service analysis, strategic planning, systems engineering, technical, financial, and programmatic support services, and other aviation related support services, that will enable the FAA to accomplish its NAS modernization, Mission Support, and other aviation related mission objectives. 

Congratulations to the team involved in the creation of this proposal. We look forward to contributing our top-flight aviation analytics expertise to assist the FAA with their goal of improving the NAS.