Mosaic’s proposal for TORFP 2322 NextGen Dynamic Airspace and PBFM Metrics Engineering Support, was selected for award based on completion of the FAA’s best value selection. Through this task order, Mosaic will provide continued engineering support for the Dynamic Airspace (DA) and Performance Based Flow Management (PBFM) Metrics projects. The Dynamic Airspace concept aims to relax the constraints imposed by NAS resources by providing new tools and algorithms to address demand and capacity imbalances. Performance Based Flow Management (PBFM) is a related concept which may also provide new insight into how to address demand and capacity imbalances as Traffic Flow Management (TFM) evolves toward Extensible Traffic Management (xTM). 

Our team’s overall approach to this task order includes system engineering and enterprise architecture analysis of NAS interrelationships and data flows to depict the as-is and to-be architecture and identify opportunities to transition to NextGen capabilities in the area of DA and PBFM. Mosaic staff are known for their expertise in CDM in the US, including implementation of the Ration by Schedule algorithm and its instantiation in the Flight Schedule Monitor (FSM) Ground Delay Program (GDP) planning tool, as well as leading the adaptation of FSM to enable Airspace Flow Programs (AFPs) in the NAS. With this expertise, we have unique insight regarding external user community data exchange to support engineering of the PBFM concept. 

SETIS is the follow-on vehicle to the SE2020 and SE2025 contracts, which provides a broad range of research, service analysis, strategic planning, systems engineering, technical, financial, and programmatic support services, and other aviation-related support services, that will enable the FAA to accomplish its NAS modernization, Mission Support, and other aviation related mission objectives. 

Congratulations to the Mosaic team members involved with writing the winning proposal. We look forward to contributing our top-flight aviation engineering expertise to assist the FAA with its goal of improving the NAS.